Welcome to PodJockey™ – A Boutique for Outstanding Podcasts

Welcome to PodJockey™ – A Boutique for Outstanding Podcasts

PodJockey is a “boutique” website designed to evolve into an expanding menu of intriguing talk media productions.

TALKERS magazine‘s enthusiasm for podcasting continues to grow as this simple, yet elegant, medium is living up to its promise to provide enormous benefits to talking programming industry and its diverse, ever-growing audience.

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PodJockey™ consists of the following elements:

  • PodJockeys. PodJockey™ presents a roster of talk show hosts and personalities doing programs (podcasts) not heard on terrestrial or satellite radio. Some of these “podjockeys” are exclusive to PodJockey™ and others are talents who are also heard on the standard dials — but all of their shows heard here are exclusive to this new medium. They cover popular radio topics such as politics, relationships, sports, health, and finance — as well as more eclectic subjects such as science, philosophy, the arts, history, psychiatry and beyond. These shows range in style from monologues to dialogues, and interviews to roundtable discussions.
  • Talk documentaries. Some of the best and compelling spoken word programs are talk radio documentaries such as the recently aired 40-minute Talk Radio News Service production “Voices from Mississippi” which detailed the plight of the people in that state whose lives have been upended by Hurricane Katrina.
  • Special events. TALKERS magazine and other talk media industry entities put on special forums, radio rows and workshops such as the New Media Seminar and the recent TALKERS magazine panel discussion “The Cost of Counterfeiting and Piracy” held in conjunction with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
  • Miscellaneous odds and ends. PodJockey™ will have a special section for outtakes, oddities, and “cutting room floor” materials contributed by talk media industry players looking for a place to showcase hard-to-categorize talk items.

Obviously, there will be a lot more. The very free-form nature of podcasting makes categorization of elements somewhat amorphous process and with the passing of time, PodJockey™ will evolve into whatever works best per its mission.