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Dean Koontz – ASK ANNA: Advice for the Furry and Forlorn

Dean Koontz loves golden retrievers and his new book, ASK ANNA: Advice for the Furry and Forlorn is a hilarious take on advice columns. Koontz writes as Anna, his golden, posing as a DEAR ABBY for dogs with social problems. Dean lovingly creates what humans intuit dogs to be thinking, and the result is a humorous and touching read that will bring forth laughter and maybe a few tears. The photos are wonderful, not just of Anna but the other breeds seeking her advice. All the proceeds go to charity, making this a must have for all dog owners.

Clive Cussler – The Eye of Heaven

The indefatigable Clive Cussler has two novels out now, The Eye of Heaven, a Fargo Adventure and his 23rd Dirk Pitt entry entitled Havana Storm. As usual, he begins both with a historical event in prologue and asks the question, “what if?” Both books use a co-author, Russell Blake in Eye and Clive’s son Dirk in Havana Storm. Cussler now in his mid-eighties, prefers collaboration as opposed to writing alone these days. His prose is as lively as ever and Pitt remains an enduring hero.

Reed Farrel Coleman – Robert B. Parker’s Blind Spot

Acclaimed writer Reed Farrel Coleman has been selected to continue Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone series with Blind Spot. Unlike other who have continued to write Parker’s characters, he writes in his own style, not the late author’s. The result is true to the soul of the protagonists, but using a different voice to convey the action.

Ken Follett – Edge of Eternity

Edge of Eternity completes Ken Follett’s trilogy detailing the history of the twentieth century through the eyes of fictional characters who interact with the real actors who shaped the course of events. like JFK, MLK, Gorbachev and others. The dapper Englishman explains how he take known facts and gives them life  by making the stories personal. Some may argue with his conclusions, but Follett makes a strong case for his opinions.

Lee Child – Personal

Lee Child strikes again with his latest Jack Reacher tome, Personal. Child expands Reacher’s horizons to France, England and the American South in a plot to assassinate G8 leaders. He also talks about the short stories that he is fond of releasing between novels.

Sandra Brown – Mean Streak

Sandra Brown’s Mean Streak puts the heroine in immediate peril, and the rest of the novel centers on from whom who she is in peril —- her captor, her husband or the law. Already a best seller, Brown talks about how she crafted her latest work and how she balances the amount of graphic detail she includes when it comes to sex..

Lee Child – Never Go Back

Dean Koontz – The City

Dean Koontz admits the The City is unlike any novel he has ever written. In our conversation he reveals that until his wife read the manuscript, he didn’t realize that there were autobiographical elements in this book. Despite writing from the perspective of a black, city dwelling musician, Koontz sees himself in the main character, something that could not be said about most of his prior works.

David Ignatius – The Director

The Washington Post‘s prize winning columnist David Ignatius has maintained a successful career as a novelist, and his latest effort, The Director, adds to his stature as one of  America’s foremost authorities on intelligence gathering. The book is particularly timely in light of the Edward Snowden episode, and Ignatius expands on how much information the CIA is capable of collecting and potentially misusing. He also separates truth from fiction, maintaining that everything he writes is possible and plausible in the current environment. A penetrating look into the dark side of those charged with protecting our nation and what needs to be changed for our intelligence services to function more efficiently while remaining in line with our professed moral codes.

Greg Iles – Natchez Burning

Natchez Burning is the first of a trilogy from best selling author Greg Iles. Throughout the nearly eight hundred pages, he exposes the shocking truth about the violence surrounding the civil rights movement in Mississippi and Louisiana, a brutality not confined to lower class perpetrators.  Iles explains why he chose to tell this story as graphically as he does, since it is based on true crimes he discovered while growing up in the South. A true masterwork, it is hard to put down, despite its length.

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