Richard Neer – Novelist Cafe

PodJockey is proud to present “Richard Neer’s Novelist Cafe” — a section that features exclusive interviews with novelists and discussions about novels. Richard Neer has been reading since age three. At Adelphi University, he majored in Communication Skills and Theater Arts, and like many others, has always wanted to write the Great American Novel. Although Richard has written several books, that goal has eluded him thus far.

His day job is radio broadcasting, a career which he began professionally in 1967 on Long Island, and has continued in New York since 1971, first at the legendary WNEW-FM until its demise as a music station in 1999, and from 1988 until the present day at WFAN, America’s first all sports station. His voice has been featured on many nationally syndicated programs and commercials.

As a contributor to the nationally syndicated upper demo radio program, “A Touch of Grey,” Richard has interviewed dozens of best selling authors. His “Novelist Cafe” on is dedicated to being a lively site for discussion and reviews of current works and classics alike. Penetrating interviews with today’s most important novelists will be a staple, but rather than typical celebrity dish, the talks focus on the art of writing, the decisions that go into producing a successful work, and the novelists’ views and insights into the issues of the day. Novelists finally have a way to speak about their work on a mature level, without the time constraints and sensationalism of traditional media. New podcasts are added frequently along with archival interviews conducted prior to the site’s debut in July of 2009.

If you love novels as much as Richard, we welcome you as a frequent visitor.