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LIONEL PODCAST: Marijuana, Free Speech, Absolute Value and Bob Grant

Colorado’s abuzz and buzzed. Marijuana prohibition is illogical, unconstitutional, un-American, anachronistic and a total and complete waste of time. Taxpaying American adults should be able to ingest anything they want, just don’t drive on it or give it to kids. We’ve generations of kids whacked out of their gourds on psych meds and antidepressants and no one says boo. That’s the problem. That should be the focus of concern not weed. And marijuana might as well be legal because it’s here in plentiful amounts. So take out the black market and criminal lenient, free up cops and resources and let’s devote our attention to what really matters.

In 2012, Colorado voters approved the sale of recreational marijuana, as did voters in Washington state. But Colorado is the first to have the pot shops up and running under regulations recently established by state and local governments. Colorado voters’ approval in effect amended the state’s constitution to allow for the retail sale of recreational pot. The state already allowed medical marijuana. (CNN)

A friend of mine who prefers to go nameless (some witness protection snafu) penned the following that I’d like to share with you.

Those who are for the continued criminalization of marijuana are for the most part those benefit economically from it, those who were successfully indoctrinated against it during an impressionable stage of their lives, those who have never critically analyzed the situation, and those who don’t want their kids to smoke dope but can’t win the argument with them.

Considering the huge economic impact of tax income from legal cannabis on top of the costs of marijuana-related trial and incarceration expenses that states would no longer need to pay, one would think that cash strapped states would be more active in promoting its legalization. And think of the ancillary industries that would benefit. Snack foods. Restaurants. Think of how restaurant profits would soar if they could legally place a hookah in the bar or waiting area. Why aren’t those industries pushing for that windfall?

It’s certainly not harmless as evidenced by scores of panda studies documenting its effects.

I’ve never understood drug prohibition especially when a cursory review of its history shows blatant and virulent racism as its basis.

The absolute value of Bob Grant. In mathematics, absolute value is the magnitude of a real number without regard to its sign. It’s a measurement of magnitude, distance and irrespective of direction. I direct your attention to the absolute value of Mr. Grant.

Bob Grant died on New Year’s Eve. He was 84. And he was, without any doubt, one of the founders and inventors of what is called conservative talk radio. Or angry white man radio, depending on your frame of reference. Before Rush and his passel of wannabes. What most don’t understand about Bob Grant’s legacy is that while there have been shock jock types who’ve crossed the lines in terms of decency, that’s kid stuff when compared to Grant’s true legacy. Bob had very serious and powerful political titans breathing down not only his neck but ABC corporate to get him canned. Or worse. You simply have no idea the inordinate courage and plain ol’ guts that it took for WABC to stick by him. And Bob never backed down or away. Do you have any idea how rare and brave that is? No obit, no eulogium or elegy will even come close in explicating exactly what his legacy is. He knows no peer. But remember; what he said was not the point nor is it now. I agreed with virtually nothing he had to say about anything politically or ideologically. But that’s irrelevant. What I find important to note is that in our world of the impuissant and spineless, the feckless and testicular, he defied convention and authority. I love the rebel. He has no peer today. Commercial talk radio needs a shot in the arm. It’s becoming necrotic.

And in the spirit of Bob, might I respectfully suggest the following. Lighten up! If someone on TV or radio or MSDNC or Faux News or wherever says something stupid or mean or untoward or racist, fascist, misogynistic, sexist, whatever –ist, ignore it or turn the channel or read a book or take a walk. Try not reacting; try not giving a damn. Try ignoring it. The feeling will pass, fewer will watch, the show will die on the vine via lost viewers. But just lighten up, take a powder and grow a pair. Toughen it out. Walk it off. My Gawd, when did we become such a bunch of ninnies.

LIONEL PODCAST: How and What to Think in MMXIV CE

The subject matter contained herein is loosely listed as follows, inter alia. An adumbration. Adam’s abrasion. Debussy Fields. Paronomasia. Very punny.

  • Lose the fascination with and in why. As in why did this occur? Just fix it.
  • This year think aside and apart from the left-right paradigm. It’s a waste of time and accomplishes nothing.
  • Don’t agree with someone, just listen to the ideas presented. Don’t agree with someone who’s teaching you how to make a paella, just listen. And learn.
  • The most important issue that is at the core of everything that rules the world is the monetary system. And that has nothing to do with economics and certainly not the shrill and routinized blather of such institutional apparatchiks like that Krugman feller, the double agent.
  • Pay attention and start learning about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. A distributed, decentralized and secure information economy, consensus based with built in deflationary controls and limited circulation.
  • Global reconfiguration will be more evident now than it’s ever been. And that means you have to grasp the BRICS and Western Alliance separations and dualities. But the ruling class always stays in power.
  • Watch Saudi Arabia and Russia mix it up. And Ted Baxter will be nowhere to be found.
  • Social media will plumb the depths of human idiocy and psychopathology at exponential levels.
  • The greatest threat to the survival of any society is incompetence and the elevation of the incompetent.
  • Rarely is anyone surprised or the least bit concerned with celebrities who come out and proclaim their sexuality, a sexual predilection that everyone seemed to know about for years in the first place. Sexual preference is anything but apodictic. Especially in women whose palette is far more variform than that of the dude.
  • Pope Francis is a frontal assault against austerity jackals and globalist asset-stripping kleptocrats. His impact and impact are far greater than his thoughts about gay folks. My favorite line was “Who am I to judge?” Funny.

Listen up. The most important lesson you can teach your kids is that there is no such thing as a meritocracy – except in the world of sports.

 The legacy. The Bloomberg administration gave us 12 – count ‘em 12 – years of habituation to control. Control over items and areas that no mayor had ever possessed jurisdiction over. New York took it. And took it. Making it easier for subsequent mayors and governments to exact more and more control. Habituation, control, conditioning, priming. Getting us used to it. We just sighed and said, “Oh, well, what can we do?” Some were so confused they even applauded the measures confusing agreeing with a program’s subject matter with agreeing with or consenting to the extent of the mayor’s jurisdiction in the first place. Sodium, transfats, Styrofoam, composting sugar drinks, baby formula, no smoking, bike lanes. Agenda 21: full-throated and full-throttled. ‘Twas brilliant. And some even thought Giuliani was overreaching. Rudy on his best day wouldn’t even consider hiding baby formula from new moms. Brilliant! The United States of Obeisance.

Spoken Word Radio: RIP. Let me be perfectly clear about this one point. If you’re attempting to host a talk radio program, especially if you’re guest hosting which to anyone with two neurons to rub together means you’re auditioning for a permanent gig, have the decency to talk and not be a slave to guests. Especially bad guests, e.g. experts to assist you in keeping your new year’s resolutions. It’s clichéd and pathetic and hackneyed and you should be indicted for wasting your audience’s time with such dreck. Guests take away from you and it’s about you. Your personality, likes, dislikes. It’s about you. You’re not an interviewer. You’re not Larry King. Guests are a crutch. They’re the crack of talk. They’re Hamburger Helper. They fill in the space and stretch a nutrient-bereft dish. Talk radio and spoken word are under attack right now and this stale format has to go. Or you will. Or the medium itself will. There’s new talent and personalities out there and if you keep recycling the usuals and perennial fill-ins you’ll die on the already necrotic vine. Be unique. Be different. Be smart and funny and daring and piquant. It’s not the message, it’s the messenger, stupid. Ahem.

 Erratum. For the last time: To show excited approbation it’s Hear! Hear! And not Here! Here!

Cryptocurrencies. This year you’ll be immersed in Bitcoin and crytocurrency fundamentals. Expect nothing from the Ted Baxter sockpuppet MSM on the subject. Please find infra a commentary I did on Mother PIX in April. I knew at the time that the subject wasn’t one of universal conversance, but as I’ve never underestimated your interest in that that matters, I proceeded forward undaunted. Trust me, no one — and I mean NO ONE — in the country, especially on a heritage television station and network, devoted any time to even scratching the surface of this fascinating issue. But when it comes to Miley twerking, Ted was abuzz and awash with wall-to-wall dreck coverage.

Walk in the direction of your face. To the 109th Mayor of NYC, adopt this tutorial as a law. Mandate civility. And prohibit pedicabs.

Doppelgänger and Dollop of Doppler. These were the arguments and bases of the last NYC mayoral race. Expertly presented, I most humbly submit.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Diversion and Relevant Irrelevance of Duck Dynasty

The great distraction. The ruling class must be laughing with delight. As we dissect and parse and deconstruct all that is Duck Dynasty and the abridged rights of the dynastic barbate, Mr. Robertson, they get to futz around with the world. And we’re too busy arguing over Cracker Barrel’s sapience in discontinuing the merchandising and than changing its mind. We’re deconstructing A&E’s wisdom in sacking this goldmine enterprise. Can you believe that? We actually are discussing this. At least to this extent. And, don’t get me wrong; it’s important and we’re dealing with the notion of societal tolerance as to the counter-correct, but if only we’d care as much about as to what’s truly happening in the world.

Inordinate attention. Duck Dynastygate is interesting and/but irrelevant. Here’s why. Imagine a fight breaks out in a football stadium on Sunday. It’s interesting, maybe even fun to watch. But what does that have to do with what the owners association is doing as to suits against the NFL for CTE injuries? Answer: Nothing. But it’s interesting to watch. It’s somewhat connected to football, but all in all, it’s just a great distraction. Shall I say any more?

Oh, so now he’s a patriarch, huh? Inasmuch as you might find the “patriarch’s” ideas distasteful and the like, which is certainly your right, he’s not alone in his thinking. And, let me repeat, whether you realize it or not this man’s ideas are not at all unique. More people echo his sentiment than you can imagine and that doesn’t make it right per se, but them’s the facts. And throw into the mix the religious overtones of this and here’s what you’ve got: this most unique case before us. Is he quoting or misquoting religious ideology? I don’t know, you tell me. And keep in mind this as well – if this were any other faith that Phil represented, no one would utter a peep. If it’s Christian or (even better) Catholic ideology – even if it’s misquoted – it’s open game as far as the Ted Baxter sockpuppet media are concerned. And let’s be honest as to this swamp prophet. Who’s even surprised by this rusticator’s worldview? What did you expect? Immanuel Kant?

I don’t get it. I’ll never get this incessant preoccupation with the mechanics of gay or homoerotic love. What does this say about this man’s level of imagination. When you focus exclusively on an act, methinks you’re protesting just a tad too much. So, Phil, Dr. Freud’s on Line One.

Legal mumbo-jumbo. With the indefinite suspension of duck dynasty patriach and elder Phil Robertson let’s look at the legal issues, shall we? First, as a practical matter, fret not double-d fans, Robertson’s suspension won’t affect the January 15th season 5 return in the least what with 9 or 10 episodes recorded and as they say, in the can. And you can bet it will shatter all records especially in view of the recent controversy. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to see any editing out of Phil from scenes. Which begs the question, what was he indefinitely suspended from in the first place? Next, all of the family members have separate contracts with A&E. That’s the entire crew splitting about $200K an episode according to deadline.com. And that also includes additional seasons and cast member options. So, should any or all decide to bolt in solidarity, they’re looking at breach of contract lawsuits to be sure. And I’m interested in seeing the following contractual provisions: first, who owns what in terms of intellectual property? What exclusivity rights are granted A&E once the show ends and for how long? And should the family be allowed to reconstitute elsewhere as a family that happens to be in the duck call business, how similar can that show be to A&E’s duck dynasty that we’re used to? And remember more than half of the $400m generated is from product such as the Xmas album that hit number one on billboard. Now, unlike Paula Deen’s flame out over her comments, Phil Robertson enjoys an almost anti-hero status in some circles. Where revenues dropped by keeping Paula Deen, revenues may likewise plummet by continuing to suspend Mr. Robertson. And remember we’re talking about both the duck commander and buck commander merchandising and products. Bottom line: the family can’t up and leave without suffering serious legal consequences.

LIONEL PODCAST: Quit Asking Questions and Enjoy the Music.

Slow down your thoughts, we’re getting dizzy. Since I can remember thoughts appear like someone flipping pages through a book. Fast. Real fast. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s experienced this. It always posed a problem for those who dared to program talk radio stations especially. What’s funny about that is that talk radio, the theatre of the mind being led by the intellectually frozen and torpid. It’s true. Just listen. But that’s another subject altogether.

How the MSM news distracts, distorts and repackages. Random thoughts seem desultory and frenetic and untethered to the unimaginative. But to you and me, it’s business as usual. Well, Sparky, welcome to the parallel universe. Alas, when it comes to news as being an indicator of our collective conscious, dare I wax Jungian, we’re beyond doomed. Take any week and look at how the American Ted Baxter sockpuppet 24/7 MSM cover stories and then go elsewhere to other countries and compare their coverage of the same stories. It’s mindboggling. How can so much be so different? But that’s the way it’s always been and it’ll be even more pronounced in the immediate future when our incuriosity really takes shape and is cemented.

Tell me about that single bullet theory again, Grandpa. And if you really want to see something that will further boggle the most fecund of minds watch the parallel universe coverage of the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. I’ve watched it my entire life and I keep thinking that this year, this year finally people will wake up and come to address and accept the realities of the absolute truth behind this most horrible conspiracy. And yes, Virginia, there are conspiracies and theories hat support and explain them. Somehow people have been led to believe that you can ignore and dismiss away the horrible realities of life by giving it a name – like a conspiracy theory. The great St. Gore Vidal said that he wasn’t a conspiracy theorist, he was a conspiracy analyst. The best thought on the subject was likewise from Mr. Vidal who opined that “It is an article of faith in this country that there are no conspiracy theories.” It’s simply amazing how it’s almost subversive to suspect the subversive. And that reaction, that intellectual patellar reflex will be the end of us all. It’s like the animal that loses its sense of fear and trusts its captor.

Or something.

And now, let’s talk about the insanity of the marathon. Remember, the question isn’t why do you run?” it’s “What are you running from?” But first, this panegyric and eulogium to the great Dorando Pietri.

LIONEL PODCAST: Halloween Is Inane. Face It, Sparky.

Halloween. This says it all. Wow. But let me explicate further.

Halloween is quickly approaching and that means many things. Most annoying to me is the persistent referencing by grown babies (AKA adults) who for one night a year become something they’re not and/or wish they were.

Yes, we all know the theme and meme of the hottie (translation: strumpet) who actually is saying to the world, “’Neath these domestic threads there beats the heart of a slattern.” She’s a temptress and a seductress. Fine. Whatever. And she’ll swear up and down that this has nothing to do with sublimating a hidden propensity or frame of deluded reference as a channeled harlot. This is about a harmless celebration. No big deal. Or they’ll try to pawn it off on kids even though kids have nothing to do with this. No, this is different. This is phone privilege day at Creedmoor. This is Nurse Ratched cooing, “It’s medication time.” And no, I have no idea what that last reference denotes.

But it’s the adult male who bothers me the most. Take a look at this specimen. This guy’s serious. This is no joke.

And have you ever met this character: A grown man who not only wears some idiotic garb and outfit but who speaks of it incessantly, well in advance of the Pagan and/or Satanic event. You’d rather drink bleach or carpet tack your frenulum to plywood than hear another vapid second of this mindless drivel. This is the incipient and nascent stage of the devolution of human civilization. Or something.

BiPsychos. Please, this has nothing to do with sexuality. It’s about lunatics who tool about the city on two wheels. This breed of the neo-demented makes my skin crawl and my soul bleed. If you’ve been in the City a minute, you’ve seen these lunatics.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Meme of the Pack and Criminal Law Arcana

The prolegomenon.

Meet Reginald Chance. A fool for a client. The most stupid man on the face of the earth digitally representing his guesstimated IQ. Imagine being so cretinous, such a Boeotian that you flip off the world whilst in court. That’s smart. Good thinking, Capone. Now you’re Public Enemy Numero Uno. Congrats.

The res judicata shuffle, DaddyO.

It’s been quite an incredible tune here in the Big One. You might have been following our latest crime episode – traveling bands and packs of MotorPsychos. Not to mention undercover and off-duty cops thrown into the mix, Gloria Allred (the itinerant pettifogger) thrown in for good measure, not to mention the mysterious and medieval sounding crimes strewn and tossed about – criminal mischief, menacing, inter alia. New York’s a great penal state with a statute for everything – even strangling. Take that Ed Lewis! (Get it?) And it gets even more weird when a New York Court of Appeal is considering using voluntary intoxication as an affirmative defense to second degree murder as in driving so intoxicated that it evinces a depravity and indifference. Can you dig that? You can be too drunk to be charged with being too drunk. Only in New York, kids.

“Ready when you are, C.B.”

Here’s a tutorial, a primer for the primordial, on what to do when the long arm of the law has you in a sleeper hold. Listen carefully, Miss Creant.

The heuristics.

Or something. Anytime I can use the word heuristics I do. With impunity.

They’re never anywhere to be found. When you need them.

LIONEL PODCAST: Interminable Intermeddling Inter Alia

It all begin with a twisted dream.

This is a most fascinating day for me. It’s the first day of Fall and the beginning of my pre-colonoscopy prep. The subject fascinates people. That’s right. The seasons. I kid, of course.

And this is true especially by and from those who’ve had a Roto-Rooter scope in the past.  Folks love to overdo the prep portion. It’s the usual reaction to anything. We embellish and exaggerate that which we’ve survived. My gastro doc prescribed this great sounding substance: SUPREP BOWEL PREP KIT. How’s that for self-explanatory? What a great name. Id love to be the industry spokesperson. Remember when June Allyson was the spokeslady for Depend? Note: It’s Depend and not Depends. Funny, I always thought it odd that the device that was supposed to collect and contain errant incontinence oops moments that had to work every damn time was not called WORKS EVERY DAMN TIME. No, instead it’s called DEPEND(S). I prefer the plural.

Matters bowel freak folks out and I’ll never understand why. There must be some Freudian atavistic deep-seated reason for it. Interestingly enough, the one area the FCC is notorious for enforcing is that discussion or piece that addresses in excess those matters excretory. How insane is that? Violence, racism: no problem. But an over the top poop reference and they go crackers. What does this say about us? It’s amazing that we pretend to find these matters disgusting and I say pretend because everyone loves a great flatulence or extreme egesta joke or moment. And you know it’s true. I’m an accomplished manualist and can make that perfect flatus sound mit mein mitts. It’s been a great source of entertainment and laughter since I can remember. Great in elevators and even better during routine physicals.

Admit it. You know it’s funny.

The NYC Mayor Race Explained

I recorded this piece “Dueling Lionels” last Friday. I’ve two of the greatest artists and tech geniuses at my disposal at Mother PIX and they made this happen. Kenton Young, the brilliant photographer and videographer, and Dave Scanlon, the evil genius of editing. Behold this masterpiece.

LIONEL PODCAST: Patchwork Meets The Big Pink

The challenge.

One of the great challenges for me as a podcast feller is to define with any semblance of particularity a subject or patterned mode of discussion. I once had a rather shortsighted type in a managerial position (if you can believe that) use the term “veering. “ I seriously asked him if he’d ever suggest to Ella Fitzgerald that she wasn’t actually pronouncing words during a sonorous scat (versus a less pleasant version). Then of course there was the problem of explaining who Ella Fitzgerald was. I prefer the term desultory. Not that I was, mind you, but I prefer the word. Lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm  is one set of descriptives. The last one is most bothersome or would be if it applied – lacking enthusiasm. Can you imagine? You see, that explains the trouble with the world. Trying to fit an idea or theme under a rubric or classification. It’s all insane and obscene and absurd. And once you label something that gives some Boeotian the ability to disregard the merit or worth of your thoughts in that it falls within a label lattice. Liberal, conservative, conspiracy theorist, right-wing, leftie, fascist. Give someone a label and you’ve marginalized him. And then this phenomenon: when a label is advanced, thrown or trotted out, you spend the bulk of your time dissecting whether you in fact fall under that label or if your political or philosophical framework comports with a given pigeonhole.

If Gawd could write comedy … .

LIONEL PODCAST: Front Row Horror

The conspiracy of suspicion. Read this headline. Now, let me ask you: Is this a conspiracy theory? Well, if it is, the Post is advancing it. That’s right, Ol’ Rupert M. Or was advancing it. Listen to me carefully. For 12 years I’ve studied that event and all of its permutations and believe me, if you think that the official story and account is the last word, you know nothing. You and the rest of the world. Strike that. The rest of the country because is nescient because the world is more interested in our national day of horror than we are.

The arrogance of disclosure. Five events happened that day in terms of attack sites: (1) North Tower; (2) South Tower; (3) Building 7; (4) The Pentagon; and (5) Shanksville – FLT 93. Take the time and review the issues, questions and investigations as to any and all. And note how many people have no idea of the significance of WTC 7. Trust me when I tell you this, the official account is anything but final and comprehensive. In every other tragedy and event of our country revision and review are the norm. We still parse and dissect every aspect of the JFK assassination and will up to and beyond this year’s 50th anniversary. We dissect Vietnam, the Korean War, Watergate. There’s even been critical review as to the accuracy of the official account of Pearl Harbor. Yet we proceed fearlessly.

Never apologize for your passion of truth. But it’s hands off 9-11. Lest you be called a conspiracy theorist. Translation: a loon, a nut. Gore Vidal said, “It is an article of faith that there are no conspiracies in American life.” He also quipped that he’s not a conspiracy theorist but a conspiracy analyst.

Verity. Call this what you want. The issue remains that the issue remains – as to the full and complete story. Be not afraid of demanding the truth. It’s the last the heroes and victims and their families deserve.

LIONEL PODCAST: We Simply Never Learn


This might just be one of my more comprehensive podcasts. Translation: desultory in spades. But I prefer improvisationally divergent and varied. A thought multiplex. Variform. As are the best parts of life. There are some assorted musings inter alia on death, faux bugling, mani/pedi and the man, Syria to be sure, deception and politics, relativistic history, interstitial connective tissue and the 12th Anniversary of 9-11.

Every year I feel the same. I remember with absolute clarity that absolutely beautiful day and then observed the Ted Baxter MSM distortion, diversion and distraction from anything even approximating the truth. I saw a rushed investigation and a mass recitation and rote memorization of the official story. A truncated investigation and a CliffsNotes version of reality. The event was then stacked on the history shelf and we will only talk about it in terms of said recitation. We’re not even close to getting to the bottom of the myriad issues. And trust me there are more unanswered questions than you can imagine. Everyone with two neurons to rub together knows that. Every other event in history is examined exhaustively, incessantly, indefatigably. But not 9-11. Other countries hold conventions and symposia and bravely investigate what happened. But not the victim country. Go figure. But trust me, one day, and that day will be soon, someone and some event will infuse and invigorate the population in demanding a thorough and painstaking investigation. Not a reopening, but the investigation that should have commenced immediately and instanter. But never did.

GMO: The mystery of our dutiful nescience.

No issue is as chilling as GMO foods, genetic engineering and Frankenfood. And of course, the name Monsanto comes up as it should. But dig: the issue is even more devious than the issue of what this stuff does to you. We’re talking about the end of biodiversity and heterogeneity of species.  And then imagine one form and variation of corn owned by Monsanto. One model, one type. Period. And it gets worse. Farmers terrified to even reuse seed?! How insane is that. And it’s happening. Big Agra makes the Gambino crime family look like the Junior League.

This is not an exaggeration, this is not a drill. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.