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The 20th Anniversary of O. J.’s Murders: Part II – The Matter of Race

Guilt had nothing to do with it. Culpability is too direct. To many it was about a lot of things inter alia, all shaded, tainted and cast in a host of perspectives. Historical, social. To the evidentiary purist, he was guilty. As sin. It was obvious. He just happened to elect not to videotape the event or admit to it, but it was clear he did it. It was circumstantial evidence, textbook. And forget that motive and opportunity TV CSI biz. He did it. All by himself. But through the miracle of happenstance and his good luck he almost got away with it. In fact in the video herein I describe a scenario wherein he would certainly have walked.

Yet to a host of Americans this was in part a case of divine comeuppance. Here a rich, connected Black man could hire the best legal team and basically shove it up the juridical arse of a careless, uncaring and racist American criminal justice (the greatest oxymoron since military intelligence) system. And who could blame anyone for that thinking? Least of all a group of Americans who (to quote St. Richard of Pryor), looked for justice and found “just us.” After all, when John Gotti was acquitted of crimes through bought and paid for bribed juries, people cheered , not out of the recognition of his non-guilt but that he was someone folks liked and identified with. So fine, trials are a Rorschach Test. And so was O.J.’s.

And if you had any doubt as to the depth of the racial divide, all you had do was watch the reactions to the verdict. Black groups gathered for the verdict cheered; White groups hung their heads and stared in disbelief. The obvious was obvious.

But yet Simpson was still guilty. And the case was replete in reasonable doubt. But the real issue, the gloating subtext, was race. Not as a motivator for the crime but in the disparate dissonance in how the case was received and interpreted.

The 20th Anniversary of O. J.’s Murders: Part I – The Bastard’s Still Guilty

Bloody well right. This is about murder. A very bloody murder. Have you ever seen a crime scene? It’s something you’ll never forget. This is one of the least gruesome photos I’ve elected to show. I’ve left out the more grizzly photos of Nicole’s throat slit and in essence dissected so deeply she was virtually decapitated. Go ahead, look around. You’ll find them.

Because rememberer, this is first and foremost a murder. And not just any murder. This was the grandaddy of media murders, the one and only. Twenty years ago this week the country was riveted to their TV. This was before Twitter and Facebook, pre social media, pre blogs and microblogs, pre alternative media. June 13th was the murder. June 17th the slow speed chase. One of the more famous oxymorons next to criminal justice. Domino’s Pizza claims that deliveries that night rivaled the Super Bowl. The coverage was third when compared to 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. This event knew no peer. No equal. To this day it’s never been duplicated. And the case unfolded and developed on so many levels and planes. It introduced the country to DNA collection and contamination. Before CSI, before blue-gloved and booty-shod crime scene techs, before the careful and methodical work of today’s criminalist there were the bumbling, oafish Keystone Coppers of Lange and Vannatter, the nincompoop twins walking around with blood vials and evidence in their pockets. Truly amazing.

There was the incomparable Johnnie Cochran, whose juridical doggerel “If the glove doesn’t fit you must acquit” should have been met with “If you acquit you’re full of shit.” But I digress. And in reference to that jury, to be fair they were certainly within their rights To find reasonable doubt. I mean for Chrissakes, with Barney Fife and Goober at the helm, the case was replete with doubt.

But it was more than O.J. and Cochran and Mark Furman. More than Bronco chases and blood stains. It was about race, justice, injustice and the media. It was about everything. This is installment one. With more to come. I assure you.

LIONEL VIDEO: Hibiscus Tea, Insane Funerals, The Insanity of God & Bilderberg

The term inter alia is often seen in legal writings and it means “among other things.” That is the basis of this preservation and disquisition. An assortment of myriad miscellany.

1. Make it a point to drink hibiscus tea every day of your life. It’s caffeine-free and contains some of the highest antioxidant factors on ten planet. Along with a couple of tablespoons of milled flax seed and you’re aces.

2. I first realized that adults were capable of insane ideations when they first laid on me the rules of God that to this day make absolutely no sense. Neither does having a stiff in a casket wearing glasses. The reason: Because Uncle Joe wire them when alive. He also took them off when he went to bed.

3. Since 1954 the Bilderberg conclave has met annually under inordinate security and super-secret conditions. Every year without fail. So secret were these folks that hey actually denied its existence for decades. In fact, if you deigned to mention them you’d be called a conspiracy theory loon. And the existential denials continued until they published their own website. Imagine that. In fact, ask yourself this question. What do you think ESPN would do if NFL owners met secretly every year under the cloak of darkness and inordinate security, often state sponsored? They’d be all over the story. So why is no one the least bit interested in globalist elites and heads of industry and entertainment and military and business along with government officials, often in violation of the Logan Act, meeting with so much secrecy and security? What are they hiding?

I’m hiding nothing. As you’ll see. Inter alia.


He knoweth zip. Here’s a perfect example of knowing not the basics of a concept. And from someone who prides himself on cutting through the nonsense of superstition and mythology.

The latest. John Stossel is a hack. A sellout. Somehow he’s created this myth that he’s the libertarian skeptic, all-wise and all-knowing. But he’s out of his league and out of his mind when it comes to GMOs. And those are his good qualities. Exhibit A: This unmitigated dreck. Read for yourself Stossel’s breathtaking ignorance as to what GMOs are. It shows a profound and absolutely incomprehensible inability to grasp or a refusal to absorb the essence of Frankenfood.

Yet people don’t panic over ruby red grapefruits, which were first created in laboratories by bombarding strains of grapefruit with radiation. People don’t worry about corn and other crops bred in random varieties for centuries without farmers having any idea exactly what genetic changes occurred.

We didn’t even know what genes were when we first created new strains of plants and animals. There’s no reason to believe modern methods of altering genes are any more dangerous.

No, it’s embarrassing. Here’s a simpler yet stratospherically more accurate explanation.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Other names for the process include Genetic Engineering (GE) or Genetic Modification (GM), which are one and the same.

How is a GMO Different from Hybridization / Cross-Breeding?

Genetic modification is the process of forcing genes from one species into another entirely unrelated species. Unlike cross breeding or hybridization—both of which involve two related species and have been done without ill effects for centuries—genetic engineering forcefully breaches the naturally-occuring barriers between species.

Example:  Corn + DNA from soil bacteria that is naturally immune to RoundUp herbicide + e.coli bacteria + soil bacteria that causes tumors in plants (which enables the plant’s cell wall to be breached) = RoundUp Ready Corn (one of several RoundUp Ready crops engineered by Monsanto).

Other examples of GMOs include strawberries and tomatoes injected with fish genes to protect the fruit from freezing, goats injected with spider genes to produce milk with proteins stronger than kevlar for use in industrial products, salmon that are genetically engineered with a growth hormone that allow them to keep growing larger, dairy cows injected with the genetically engineered hormone rBGH (also known as rBST) to increase milk production, and rice injected with human genes to produce pharmaceuticals.

See the difference?

LIONEL VIDEO: The Media Create These Homicidal Monsters

Correlation vs. Cause. When a lunatic shoots up a community, invariably said loon will utter contemporaneous words or ideas that may be interpreted as providing the bases for why the shooting spree occurred. He (it’s usually a he which is the subject of additional discussion) might during the course of said mayhem mention race, age and/or politics. He me have lost a job and blamed the government or heard voices. A host of seemingly baseless explications will be provided and such is the frequent accompaniment to mental illness. Insane behavior is just that: insane.

It ain’t about guns. And what you must do is reject the idiocy that’s being promoted that it was due – in this latest case involving a person whose name I shan’t deign to mention – to misogyny or that it was caused because of or through the complicity of the NRA, the gun lobby, the gun industry, the Second Amendment, Tea Party or any like constituency.

He’s loco, not parentis. (Admittedly the worst pun.) And we mustn’t blame parents or the authorities because notwithstanding what now seems to be insane behavior, especially as it accompanied murder, there’s no law against acting weird or saying weird things. There’s no commitment that’s warranted or involuntary hospitalization that’s available merely because someone is acting daft. If that were the case, most of talk radio would be shuttered.

Big Pharma and Ted Baxter as codefendants. But whom we can blame, at least when the next glory-seeking lunatic wants his piece of the fame pie, are the media who promote and herald and elevate these monsters through a publicity frenzy and apotheosis. They are playing into the psyche of the next piteous and vapid shell of a person who figures he can finally make the big time. At least posthumously. And though we’ve yet to sift through the strata of culpability and complicity, don’t be surprised if the homicidal nutcase was either off of or taking or weaning from SSRIs or the psychotropic and psych med of your choice. History is replete with evidentiary and anecdotal testimony of shooters who were on or coming off a pharmacopeia smorgasbord of mental meds. And what may be the irony of ironies — a popular side effect (or effect) of these antidepressant drugs is suicide and its evil twin, murder-suicide.

LIONEL PODCAST: Listen To This Or Die

I know exactly how this kid feels.

There was no need for this picture but it just cracks me up. In fact I’m mesmerized by it. I came across it during one of those stupid #TBT events where mindless and soulless cretins post pictures from the past for no good reason. I posted it as my own, amazed at how many idiots thought I was serious.

But the expression is priceless. Perfect. This perfectly typifies my view of the world. My perception. Aghast. Horrified. Unable to decipher how royally and unfathomably screwed up this world of ours is.

With that in mind. Here’s my latest contribution to the effort.

LIONEL VIDEO: Drug Laws Are Insane

This is from Monday’s New York Times “exposé” on a glut and flood of heroin in New York City.

The flood of heroin coming into and going out of New York City has surged to the highest levels in more than two decades, alarming law enforcement officials who say that bigger players are now entering the market to sell the drug here and to feed a growing appetite along the East Coast.

The amount of heroin seized in investigations involving the city’s special narcotics prosecutor has already surpassed last year’s totals, and is higher than any year going back to 1991.

And two obvious conclusions or at least realities should jump from the pages and grab you by the throat. First, with drug penalties at their stiffest, prosecutions at an all time high, with more people in jail and prison than any country or civilization on the planet, drug use and trafficking are at an all time high thus showing yet again the folly of this fictive and counterfeit war on drugs.

And the source of heroin in great part is Afghanistan, the epicenter and corporate headquarters of terrorism. Our ally. Our confederate in the imaginary and pretextual war on terror. Afghanistan that happens to be the Saudi Arabia of lithium with trillions of dollars in previous metals veins, natural gas, name it. And one of the agreements made in letting us seize this strategic goldmine (literally!) is to let their opium production continue unhindered and unencumbered.

I know the Times has been busy lately with the shitcanning of Jill Abramson for being too bitchy or bossy or presumptuous, but you’d think the thrust and gravamen of the piece would have been these two obvious and most salient points.

Just take a second look at these mind-blowing and boggling and jaw-dropping stats. G’head. We were the best thing to happen to heroin production since jazz.

And one more’s not going to kill you. Can you believe this? This is our ally. In what I’m not sure. The country’s been fed a load of shite that Afghanistan was corporate headquarters for al Qaeda. Or was it Iraq? You were frothed and frenzied after witnessing the inconceivable horrors of 9/11 and while you were beet red and filled with vengeance they pointed to Afghanistan, dubbed the graveyard of empires, and you said, sure. Whatever you say. If that’s where the bastards are, that’s where we’re going. Ha! Gotcha. Again.

Daddy, what did you do in the war?And look at these brave Marines walking in poppy fields during security patrols in the Helmand Province. This makes me sick. And should the scores of infantalized flag wavers whose contribution to patriotism is a lapel pin, a support the troops bumper sticker and mindless, narcotized drool vision of Fox News. Anyone with two neutrons to rub together must see and understand the obvious.

And it transitioned seamlessly from Dubya to Barry. Not a glitch or hiccup in the globalist stranglehold over rational thought. They never missed or skipped a beat. And whenever the natives might seem to be restless — which they never are — we drop a 9/11 reference, trot out some bin Laden B-roll (with any and all of the various UBL’s on file) and like the crying baby who’s lulled to calm with jiggling keys as a distraction, so are the unenlightened and unimaginative.

Drug prohibition never works. It’s not about drugs; it’s about profit. And control. Corruption, the dissolution of individual rights under the Constitution, filling private prisons, suppression and oppression, revenue, the law and order schmaltz. Prohibition never works, it never worked and the money and treasure and resources are best directed to treatment and education. But that only makes sense. There’s no money to be made with ending the problem that’s the golden goose of targeted law enforcement.

It’s none of the government’s business. A fundamental question that’s never asked is do you have any rights whatsoever to kill yourself through drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, high fat diets, sedentary lifestyles, name it? Well, do you? What business is it of the government to attack a behavioral and medical problem with law enforcement and military assets? And sure, there will be more people addicted who’d never touch the stuff but for its legal availability. But since opium poppy grows best elsewhere you have to import the stuff. And with legalization goes the ungodly profit. Sayonara. Decriminalizing drugs in no wise removes addiction or dependency.

That’s done through education and treatment. If you don’t get that you must be high.

LIONEL VIDEO: Vintage Phone Prank Tutorials

If you’re of a certain age this will mean something. I’m not a bad person. Per se. But during my “yout,” before the days of caller ID, I terrorized actively the elderly and unsuspecting. Those days are over as is the ability to conceal identities. And the gags and pranks were not usual. they were far more insidious and elegant.

Let me reiterate that before the introduction of caller ID phone terrorism was my hobby, avocation and addiction. On the phone you can be anyone and anybody you want to be. And detection free. Even as a prosecutor during the Harding Administration it took forever and a day to get a pen register, which was a fancy Flintstones era phone tracing order. Translation: we pranked with impunity. And remember the phones of yore. Thick, heavy Bakelite monsters that were tethered and connected into the wall and not by way of a jack but a cloth covered, myelinized sorta covering that disappeared into the wall.

Herein is my confession and tutorial. Gawd, how I miss those days.

LIONEL VIDEO: Making the Legal Case for Donald Sterling

Prolegomenon. He’s a wizened, hobbled, hoary coot lumbering into decrepitude and hateful senescence. And once a very trusted name as the referenced supra suggests. Now, cerumen has more worth than this feller. But were it not for the trespassorial interception of Methuselah’s rants and raves anent race against California law none of this would have occurred. Why? Because anyone with a dial-up modem, two neurons to rub together and five minutes could have determined from the outset this guy’s history and racist pedigree. It was the visored vixen’s purloined conversations that this case is all about. Period.

So, herein is the case of why the NBA’s claims against him should be dismissed because the source of his words was via theft. And in the spirit of a Fourth Amendment analog, everything should fall. N.B. I know full well that the Bill of Rights don’t apply to private entities, but the spirit of such should out of a strict bow to equity end this nonsense.

Even racists have rights.

LIONEL PODCAST: America, As To Wizened Racist Coots, Just Say “So What?”

The worst vetting since TSA employment screens. The NAACP and anyone with two neutrons to rub together and a modem could and should have known of Sterling’s past as in what he’s said, thought, done, name it. Google the Donald and read for yourself. It’s a bill of particulars, an indictment of everything Archie Bunker spouted and spewed for years. Where’s everybody been? Too busy counting the money gramps was shelling out. Then there’s Leon Jenkins, who likewise bowed out of his NAACP leadership position as it planned to honor the Grand Cyclops with another award during its centenary, he has his own questionable past to deal with which likewise escaped the exacting vetting standards of the organization’s filter. It seems that as long as DS was making contributions to the organization to the tune of $45K, all was hunky dory.

It wasn’t until the visored vixen, V. Stiviano, whose nom de scheiße sounds like a sugar substitute, illegally and surreptitiously intercepted the codger’s THOUGHTS! and BELIEFS! and released them (notwithstanding her cockamamie story of turning the gotcha recordings over to someone who later released it) that Jenkins and the NAACP had to refuse Methuselah’s dough. Such hypocrisy!

If you can’t see through this menagerie of unmitigated bullshit, you need immediate medical intervention. The fact that this was played as a statement against intolerance and racial harmony is not a joke, but a bad joke. As has been said, this is revenge porn, plain and simple. She taught him a lesson and now the NBA is attempting to wrest control of his team from him. And that will be stretched and continued and prolonged like you can’t believe. This old fool’s not about to turn over his team without a fight. And there should be a fight. Remember, this is a man who’s evinced racial animus on more than one well-documented occasion and the league sought not his dispossession and forfeiture. No, that didn’t occur until visor lady set him up. What utter crap!

If you’re offended, so what? Now here’s a novel idea. When you hear something that’s offensive for whatever reason, just repeat these words: So what? As in big deal. Big whoop. Or the more profane: Tough shite. It’s a stupid world with stupid people who say stupid things and you’re being offended means nothing. Absolutely nothing. That’s the contract you make when you agree to exist in a world and in a country with freedom of expression and the First Amendment as cornerstones. Keeping in mind that the First Amendment proscribes governmental infringement of your speech, not hypocritical sports leagues or public opinion. Got it? We understand that. But sadly, Americans have forgotten that pesky little provision and are laboring under the delusion that the First Amendment protects Sterling. No, he’s already protected. No government action is being directed or threatened at or towards Sterling. But the Commish ain’t the government.

But the real shock to many is this: Sterling can say anything he wants. Without exception. There’s nothing against any law that proscribes saying anything hateful against anyone or any demographic. And excluding the universally known and accepted and excepted no-no’s, sky’s the limit. Epithets, vile generalizations about race and gender, homophobic slurs . . . the price of freedom. The tab for the First Amendment. Payable in full. But when words traverse the firewall and turn into action, all bets are off.

And a word to the wise. Be very careful if you establish the Sterling precedent. Because here’s what’s going to happen. Someone high up the sports ownership food chain will make an off-the-cuff statement or joke about LGBTs and it will be construed as homophobic. It will invariably be recorded and disseminated. As gay players become more and more a part of sports franchises, as strides are made anent inclusion, homophobic remarks and jibes will not be tolerated and will be the subject of strict scrutiny. The Sterling precedent will be invoked and the declarant will be forced and ordered to sell his team and abandon control.

That’s not good, Sparky. No matter how vile a statement is, absent contemporaneous acts indicating racial or minority status animus, words mean nothing. And remember the refrain. So what? Who determines what can be said against whom? Are Alsatians protected? Inuits? And if not, then why not? Terrorists? Sure. Jihadists? You betcha. Muffins? Nope. Gays? Uh uh. What if you reference the Bible as the directive and source of your animus? Iffy. Can you see this sliding scale of protected classes? I can’t tell you where the list of the hands off is nor can anyone else. But be wary and chary. Watch what you say. You could lose a basketball team for saying something stupid.

I hate hate crimes. Correction: I loathe them. And I loathe the fact that so many people miss the point. That speech is being penalized. That crimes are elevated in severity based on what ideas or thoughts are uttered contemporaneously with the behavior. A behavior that’s already a crime! The parallels to hate crime legislation cannot be missed: The elevation and aggravation of criminal behavior, already cognizable at law, by virtue of constitutionally protected speech. It’s breathtaking.