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LIONEL PODCAST: I Wish You Freedom & Unrelenting Liberty

On behalf of Mrs. Lionel and me, we wish you and yours excessive and unrelenting liberty and freedom. Freedom to do what you want, whenever you want for as long as you want provided it doesn’t involve small children or scare the horses.

And thank you for subscription to these podcasts and parting with your hard earned money. It is appreciated.

Please let me invade your ears and corrode your mind with the truth contained in this here podcast. And for years to come.


Logodaedalus & Expert

Great Names of Products

I snapped this in my local Vitamin Shoppe. I love the sinistral version: ESPECIALLY FOR MEN. Smooth.

We’re Watching You and You Will Learn to Love It!

In a post 9/11 world, we Americans abnegated all of our privacy concerns and have handed over to the police unfettered and limitless abilities to monitor, watch and keep us “safe.” It’s part of a bigger problem. We’ve lost our guard, not lowered it. We’ve lost it. Here’s the omnipresent police surveillance truck that is able to be telescoped above the Times Square crowds to keep an eye on us. It’s the systematic desensitization of us to the nature and notion of surveillance. It’s a post Patriot Act, post FISA, post domestic surveillance war on terror. And we, you, want more.