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LIONEL PODCAST: My Amazing Interview With Stanton Friedman, the Father of Modern Ufology

Behold the inimitable, the ineffable Stanton Friedman, nuclear physicist and peripatetic globetrotting lecturer, the preeminent ufologist and researcher. The greatest contributor to the rational and scholarly examination of the singular most important issue of our lifetime, the Cosmic Watergate.

He’s responsible. Stanton T. Friedman. Yep, he’s the one. Before I happened upon him and his work, I never gave UFOs and ufology a moment’s consideration. To date, I’ve never seen anything that I thought was UFO’ish. No close encounters of any kind. To me they were the stuff of urban legend mythology and folklore. Like most of the paranormal and (I respectfully submit) religion. Oh, I laughed with the masses, dismissing the notion of spacefarers as romantic insanity. Baseless hallucinations and prosaic wishful thinking. The argument as I saw it went something like this. (And note, every one of these points is addressed and dissected and refuted an debunked ad seriatim in the accompanying podcast).

  • If there were anything to UFOs the government would certainly let us know. I mean, why would they want to keep something of this magnitude from us?
  • And if the government were loath to expose the truth, certainly the media would let us know. After all, who wouldn’t want to be the Woodward and Bernstein of this cosmic Watergate, right?
  • And why don’t these ET folks ever want to say howdy? Hell, if for no other reason than to get out and stretch their legs. Surely, they’d want to meet with Obama or the Pope or even the Queen, right? You know, to spread the word of their existence and message. Right?
  • And even if they could travel at breakneck speeds, the Andromeda Galaxy 2.5 million light-years from Earth in the Andromeda constellation. That means to travel there (or from there) at the speed of light it would take 2.5 million years. And we or they can’t travel at or near the speed of light. Right?
  • Not to mention there’s no substantive, real, credible, authenticated, actual, verified evidence or proof of any alien visit. No photos, pictures, film, movies, radar imagine, nothing! All there is is blurred, highly suspect or blatantly tampered with pictures. Right?
  • The government has categorically and systematically eliminated all claims of extraterrestrial visits through exhaustive and painstaking analysis by blue ribbon committees and disinterested scientific types. Right?
  • Most sightings of UFOs are weather balloons, swamp gas or the planet Venus. Right?
  • And don’t give me this bunkum about alien abductions. They’re all hallucinating or want to seize upon the opportunity to cash in. Not to mention, all these double wide denizens, these Junior Samples overall-sporting hayseeds, redneck and corn pone loons all claiming to be anally probed by some critters. Their claims have never been validated, right?
  • No one has a higher Top Secret clearance that POTUS. I mean you can’t keep anything from him. Right?
  • This is another one of those crazy conspiracy theories brought to you by a bunch of paranoid, delusional paranoiac charlatans and snake oil salesmen. Right?

Yes, that’s what I thought and most probably you. I almost committed it to memory. Like a routine. Canned and planned. And while I still haven’t seen one, I don’t believe for a moment the hundreds of millions of sightings and testimony throughout recorded history is fraudulent either. We’re a species who pledges religious fealty to far more tenuous ideologies with virtually no recognizable proof and de minimis evidence if at all, subsumed under the fantastic rubric of faith.

Enter Friedman. Then it happened. One day, years ago, thanks to the system of tubes known as the Internets, I happened upon the data. Through and courtesy of Mr. Friedman. Mounds, miles, piles, loads, tons, reams of data, articles, studies, research, lectures, books. Every conceivable form of investigation you can and could imagine. From around the world and time immemorial. Historic, anecdotal, eye-witness, documented, recorded and duly noted. Name it. The information was staggering. Brobdingnagian, an evidence colossus. And at the helm, stewarding his students through the labyrinth of fact versus fiction was and is the inimitable Stanton Friedman, who’s inspired me for years. I was so honored to finally speak with this giant. The (Extra)terrestrial titan.

Thus spake Stan. Here’s the Friedman manifesto. And I quote.

  1. The evidence is overwhelming that Planet Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft. In other words, SOME UFOs are alien spacecraft. Most are not.
  2. The subject of flying saucers represents a kind of Cosmic Watergate, meaning that some few people in major governments have known since July, 1947, when two crashed saucers and several alien bodies were recovered in New Mexico, that indeed SOME UFOs are ET. As noted in 1950, it’s the most classified U.S. topic.
  3. None of the arguments made against conclusions One and Two by a small group of debunkers such as Carl Sagan, my University of Chicago classmate for three years, can stand up to careful scrutiny.
  4. The Flying Saucer story is the biggest story of the millennium: visits to Planet Earth by aliens and the U.S. government’s cover-up of the best data (the bodies and wreckage) for over fifty years.

Awesome. The word’s been lost altogether by the jejune and definitionally-limited. Awe. Let’s start with its meaning. Awe is “an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like.” Awesome is that “causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear.” Jaw dropping, mind-boggling. Amazing! Paralyzing. I’ve known not awe since a boy when introduced to Santa Claus and then attempts at God. And after those two myths went the way of rejection, I’ve been aweless since. Until now.

Just think of it. Many have. The idea of living entities, non-human, most likely vastly and inconceivably superior, a million or billion years or senior. Extraterrestrial, extrastellar, or (better) extradimensional. Able to traverse the universal gaps and divides enlisting free energy, antigravitic propulsion, fusion perhaps, Tesla energy. All while we burn rocket fuel. Remember Mother Earth is 4.5B years old. That’s 4500M years. If another planet were a mere 4501M years old, they’d have a million year jump on us. In 66 years from 1903 to 1969 we went from Kitty Hawk to Neil Armstrong and the pre-Jacko moonwalk. Imagine a million year or billion year jump. Awe, baby. Awe.

The Vatican’s cool with it. Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a theologian member of the Vatican Curia, gave the Church’s stamp of approval on EBEs. Not that that means anything per se, it just shows you how the idea is in no wise inconsistent with Church theology. And what’s more, if there are indeed these folks they may just be without original sin. God’s truly chosen. No need for redemption and forgiveness. Just think of that.

The valedictory. There are a host of reasons why governments, especially our notoriously open and revelatory one, would want to keep extraterrestrial visitation quiet. There’s, of course, inter alia the almost Pavlovian and patellar reflex to keep everything quiet, the desire never to let an “enemy” know what we know and don’t know and that mythical, magical, fanciful fear of inspiring widespread panic. But there are two most significant reasons to keep the lid on admitting discovery.

  • New propulsion and energy systems would be the death knell of OPEC, the petrodollar and the currency of war. Systems of power would shift dramatically, petroleum would be anachronistic overnight, known world powers would destabilize, seismic reapportionment of geopolitical influence, you name it, everything changes overnight. Think of the clamor and cacophony from those fueled (pun intended) over issues of fracking, shale, global warming, climate change. Sayonara, oil and natural gas. Hello, Tesla. Hello, free energy. Hello, magneto-aerodynamics and zero-gravity propulsion systems. Think cataclysmic. Inordinate. A rupture and rent in the status quo.
  • The utility and significance of artificial nationalism would be reconsidered and seriously reevaluated. Instead of the world being divided in a parochial, closed system separated by country and region and state and religion and tribe and geography, what if the people of world reconfigured and reconstituted their status as Earthling. Cosmic and universal children. Imagine Palestinians and Jews, Pakistani and Indian, Irish and Brit, all jettisoning the differences and artificial partitions and adopting a more catholic (universal) system. This may very well be the most significant impediment to disclosure of all.

And, lest we forget, what if extraterrestrial visitors aren’t so nice. What if they posed a threat. None other than Ronald Reagan gave that a lot of thought.

In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.

Speech to the United Nations General Assembly, 42nd General Assembly (September 21, 1987)

 Be well. And in awe.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Stuff That’s Fascinating the Mainstream Media Never Touch

Do you notice anything odd or “interesting” about this report title? If so, Tweet me @lionelmedia. It should be readily obvious.

Why? Why are some of the most fascinating subjects imaginable abandoned altogether by the moth-balled mainstream media? Wait, I just answered the question.

The man, the source, the gold standard. Stanton T. Friedman, is a rock star Ufologist of the first order. Clearly and simply, no one has devoted more time and educated and well-thought attention to the subject than he. He became interested in UFOs the year I was born. And until very recently, I had not so much as a passing interest in claims that I believed were all too often the presumed fantasy of some dentally-challenged rube who was plucked from his double-wide, smack dab in Hooterville to be anally probed by some wan-completed macrocephalic pallid critter. This was my mantra, my speech, my rote response to any lunatic and fanciful dream-believer who’d dare utter certitude anent the existence of extraterrestrial star hoppers.

I don’t say that any longer. I listen today. And wonder. And stare in rapt attention and mind-boggling awe at the evidence that’s been here the whole time. As, apparently, do the Vatican and Dan Aykroyd inter alia. We think nothing of fealty to the most insane of religiosity. In fact, such a connection doesn’t exist. And I’m not advocating such. If you want to talk conspiracy, behold the conspiracy to quiet and shut down any discussion as to extraterrestrial life and, moreover, multiverse visitation. That’s breathtaking awe-inspiring, I assure you.

LIONEL PODCAST: Prepare for Ebola Kamikazes

Did someone say “Hegelian Dialectic”? I thought so. This podcast walks you through a host of horribles that will most certainly accompany this latest disaster. It works perfectly and is seen in any example of mass hysteria and certain confusion. Made more popular yet less eloquently by Rahm Emanuel. “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid.” Terrorism — bioligical or man-sourced — motivates madness madly.

[T]he Hegelian Dialectic is Problem – Reaction – Solution. Most of us unwittingly fall victim to it all too often and sadly if we don’t stop, we will continue to lose our free will and liberties. It has been widely used by our governments and corporations around the world. You could say that in terms of controlling the masses, and society in general, it’s deployment has been an effective tool in keeping humanity in check.

Almost all major events in history employ the Hegelian Dialectic of:
Problem – manufacture a crisis or take advantage of one already in place in order to get the desired Reaction of public outcry whereby the public demands a Solution which as been predetermined from the beginning. [Real News Australia]

And remember you heard it here first. Folks long dismissed as conspiracy theorists will know no equal to those proponents of paranoia that Ebola has inspired. I keep harkening back to Hunter S. Thompson’s “When the going gets weird the weird turn pro.” And when the specter of a fatal hemorrhagic virus takes hold, you will see a new-found respect for those who are deft in anticipating and appreciating the horrors of a “known known” (to wax Rumsfeldian).

And remember this: The Ebola Kamikaze. A lunatic goaded and cajoled, wheedled and persuaded to perform the ultimate sacrifice. Infect the infidel or the apostate or the bad guy. And it’s not suicide per se as you already have the disease. It’s a no-brainer. Or weaponize this hearty virus. Trust me, if you can think it it’s already in development. There are very smart people who stay up late thinking of horrible things. It’s the military industrial complex that Ike spoke of.

LIONEL VIDEO: A Rare Interview With Sandy Levine (MBD) Of NY’S Carnegie Deli

LIONEL AUDIO: The Day My Board Op Dropped The F-Bomb On Live Radio (And I’ve Got A Copy Of It – NSFW)

One day (ca. 1990) while I was manning the afternoon drive spot on 970 WFLA in my native Tampa, my board op didn’t know that his mic was hot (as in open) and after some technological snafu, he proceeded to drop a few F-bombs on live radio to the shock of the late news veteran Don Richards and the disgust of the entire Tampa Bay area who bore witness to the funniest moment in live radio ever. I happen to have a copy of that moment and play it in its entirety for you, my loyal paid subscriber. I’ve edited it not in the least. Here it is in all its rawness.

Anyone who had the privilege of listening during those halcyon days of talk radio will never forget the stable of absolute monster talent in my home town. Tampa Bay radio was premiere. Herein, I pay homage to those wonderful days and the incredible talk radio personalities how were inimitable, nonpareil and sui generis.

They were simply the best.

LIONEL AUDIO: Mélange Freebie

Every drug dealer worth his salt knows is that in order to entice new customers he must give away free product from time to time. And that’s precisely what I’m doing. This one’s on the house. In the ‘pert near three-quarters of an hour, I’ll take you on a journey that defies description or duplication. You may call it desultory; I call it chat scat.

LIONEL AUDIO: Ask 1000 Americans What The Federal Reserve Is Or Does And They’d Have Nary A Clue

Quick! What does the Federal Reserve do? Is it federal? Is it an agency? Part of the government? It has no reserves and isn’t federal. It’s not enumerated anywhere in the Constitution. Its decisions are not subject to any appellate review or oversight. It’s been a part of our governmental existence for just short of a century and we’ve never not known it to exist. When we hear that it sets interest rates, we nod in a hypnotic obeisance. I reduced some of the more salient points in my PIX 11 nightly commentary for your video edification.

Most haven’t the foggiest notion of what that means. In fact when it comes to any discussion of the economy our eyes glaze over, especially after economic jargon is thrown around: SDR’s and the IMF, fractional reserve banking, carry trades, fiat currency. And what’s more fascinating, these snippets from the econ argot aren’t money arcana or trivia. These instruments, concepts and matrices are what’s used by globalist banksters to steal, pilfer and overburden all legally, in the open and without so much as a question from the MSM and the yawning masses.

The World is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes. – Benjamin Disraeli

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t a clue. That was by design. The Fed is to our economy what the Higgs boson is to particle physics. It confounds and knows no historical analog. And while much of our governmental cluelessness is not, frankly, harmful to an appreciable extent, ignorance as to the rudimentary basics of the Fed can lead to our financial collapse. Americans feel bullet proof to every calamity imaginable. Bad stuff can’t happen to use. We’re special. All one has to do is look at Europe, Greece, the EU and its most dysfunctional child, the Euro, to see what happens when folks look the other way and trust the wrong people. If the globalists had their way, the EU would transmute into the NAU, the North American Union, with our very own Amero. (Hint: Why do you think Dubya was so nonchalant about border porousness?)

The refusal of King George to allow the colonies to operate an honest money system, which freed the ordinary man from clutches of the money manipulators was probably the prime cause of the revolution. – Benjamin Franklin

It is hard to imagine how millions of Americans are so nescient as to this privately owned central bank that control’s our currency, economy and has brought us to the brink of bankruptcy. The very institution is parasitic, designed to siphon this country’s wealth and redistribute it to predator mega banks. Since 1913, no less! It’s never been subject to an audit. Just think about that. Never. (For a great primer on the rudiments of the subject, read of the 11 reasons why the Fed is bad. Only 11?!)

I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit. We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men. – Woodrow Wilson

The questions are endless. Why would a sovereign nation like the U.S. not issue its own currency? Who would allow unelected private backers to control the purse strings of this country? The relationship with Wall Street is incestuous to put it mildly. I’m fascinated also by the fact that American citizens just imagine that if things were as bad as they’re reported, certainly the media would report it. Certainly Congress would investigate. Certainly wanton illegality and behavior that could bankrupt our country would be reported and exposed. Wouldn’t they? Let me repeat: They’ve never been audited!

There are so many excellent analysts on the subject: Gerald Celente, Max Keiser, even Dylan Ratigan from DEMS-NBC is “Fed up” and has been most aggressive in attempting to awaken the country to the parallel universe of Bernanke. Non- MSM sources provide a wealth of information, notably the preeminent Alex Jones, who’s been relentless in exposing the obvious and apparent treachery inherent in the Fed. I’ve abandoned all hope in our jejune media even addressing the inherent problems at issue. They’re too busy with Snooki.

Every pol running for anything talks a great game about fiscal responsibility, balancing the budget, living within our means . . . you know the drill. But you’ll never hear anyone, save Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader perhaps, even broaching the subject of eliminating the Fed. Note how these Fed critics are the perennial losers. The terrible troika. Unelectable, with nary a chance of winning, and yet all of them speak to tackling the Fed’s stranglehold or abolishing it altogether. Funny how those who dare broach the subject or appear to be the most conversant with the perils of our monetary system are relegated to the political trash heap of conspiracy theorists, whack-jobs and tin foil hatters.

The third POTUS would certainly be in their camp.

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered. – Thomas Jefferson

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Steak Lionel

Steak Lionel

This dish, seared or grilled New York strip steaks stuffed with prosciutto, aged provolone, and sundried tomato pesto, topped with strips of portobello mushrooms, served with a port-rosemary sauce on a bed of Merlot caramelized onions, is toothsome and one sexy victual. It was presented to me by a dear friend, Dr. Fritz Coffman, in commemoration of a standup comedy performance of mine in the bowels of the Garden State. As I noted then “I savored every bite.” If crack cocaine had sinew, this would be it.

For the Steaks
4 large shell steaks, about 1 1/2 inches thick
1/2 lb parma prosciutto
1/2 lb aged provolone cheese
1/2 cup sun-dried tomato pesto (recipe follows)

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The Mindless Rote Recitation of SCOTUS Commentary

With Elena Kagan’s nomination to SCOTUS, a phenomenon is taking place: AUTO EXPERT. Auto Expert is an almost Pavlovian reflex that involves average citizens, well-intended and good-hearted, with nary a clue as to the processes involved in a Supreme Court nomination but they swear they’re experts on the subject.

The country is divided into two factions. The first is the group that has no earthly idea or concern about the Court or how it works. It’s enormous in size and embodies the prototypical American, clueless and devoid of the slightest interest in anything other than the obvious. They think SCOTUS is pudendal. The latter group is that of the delusional know-it-all. The boorish and ham-fisted expert wallowing in nescience. They watch either Fox or MSNBC exclusively and have succumbed to the belief that they’re in touch. They fancy themselves as “news junkies” and are quick to slap a label on any topic or subject of political discussion. And God bless them. They’re the mainstay of 24/7 cable news shows. Much like the prison doc is the mainstay of weekend MSNBC programming.

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What a schmuck…

Blumenthal Says He Served in Vietnam

Addressing a crowd of veterans and supporters in March 2008, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut said that he had served in Vietnam.

What a schmuck…