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LIONEL PODCAST: Halloween’s for Crypto Serial Killers and Trollop Wannabes

Halloween. When it comes to pathetic, nothing brings it out of the woodwork like Halloween. And I’m talking “adults.” You see, Halloween isn’t a national holiday with religious or patriotic overtones. It’s vestigial and allows adult babies the chance to channel their inner freak. What’s more important is the subliminal trollop who lets it all hang out, who uses the allegedly sexy costume as camouflage, allowing her the cover to claim that she’s merely enjoying the festivities of the event when in fact she’s really telling you this is how she sees herself. Remember, we live in the era of fishlip selfies and social media narcissism. As for the men, look for the juvenile dork who talks about Halloween for weeks or even months in advance. Who details daily the travails of finding the best costume and who will bore the living shite out of you with his excruciating excitement over this annual nonevent. Herein I explain.

Breastfeeding. It’s beautiful! And when I read stories like this, I want to scream. If this looks seductive or sexy or scabrous to you, you’re beyond demented and need immediate psychiatric help. The human breast was never designed by nature to give some puerile punk a stiffy or to be filleted and packed with saline and silicone or to have mamillae pierced thus compromising breastfeeding. No, this is a pure example of natural beauty and we can’t handle it. We’re demented. Herein I explain.

Habituation to privacy loss. The dead horse is beaten again, but I repeat. Have you no sense of privacy? Will you ever stand up and complain and rail and voice any concerns as though you care? We’ve crops of Millennials who’ve never appreciated the warnings of Mr. Blair via 1984 and whose parents are none the better. It’s not inevitable, privacy loss, that is. Herein I explain.

Ebola ramifications. Beyond our pay grade. The issues are far more fascinating than that which is discussed in the media. Quarantine, incarceration, government exploitation of distress, mandatory vaccines, inter alia. Not to mention privacy and constitutional issues of grave magnitude. This is big stuff, Sparky. Herein I explain.

Information entertainment sucks. The perennial question. What happened to talk radio? Where are the numbers of yore? If you ask the question, you’ve apparently never listened to the dreck that passes for current and/or have no idea of modern electronic delivery systems. Herein I explain.

LIONEL PODCAST: America As You Knew It Is Doomed

This actually is perhaps the most accurate depiction of the role of modern-day POTUS. He’s a wholly owned puppet of Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Trilateral Commission, CFR, Wall Street, the military and prison industrial complex, asset-stripping austerity jackals and derivatives ghouls, ruling class bankster cliques, demagogic frauds and sloganeers. Let’s see, have I left anyone out?

But that can change. It can change by a top-to-bottom, inside-out reversion and revision. It requires an educated population and cadres of skeptical voters, who eschew the usual tripe and tropes of the nattering bands of elected, selected and appointed rubes. The mainstream media apparatchiks must be exposed altogether as double-agents for the ruling class. Their message is responsible for misdirecting and distracting the limited attention span of a gullible and gutless society of self-indulgent, obese, sports-fixated historical illiterates.

Enter the prized millennial. We’re turning out generations of torpid slackers who’ve been reduced to packs of mumbling sloths, thumb-tapping emoticon-laden glyphs, clueless and vapid dolts whose entire response palette consists of either “hilarious” or “awesome.” And this band of self-obsessed nonentities is lovingly referred to as the much sough after millennials.Marketing gurus love to speak of them as a group with one common brain. A group of attention-deprived zombies who require that the panoply of thought be reduced to bite-sized morsels of evanescent idea quanta. But these, I submit are the exception. There are more citizens of all ages who truly care. More than the marketers have en considered.

Fads, trends and schmaltz. You see, we love to group: baby boomers, Gen-X’rs and the like. We’re a country in love with a fad. Any fad. Fads, trends, name it. We’ll wait in queues for NSA tracking devices, we’ll tattoo our necks as long as it promises us coolness. Adults will Botox, spackle and inject their faces with fillers and expression killers resulting in distorted and hideous mugs, maws and punums. All for a fad.

Hie! It probably is too late. But a sizable contingent lies in the background and in wait. Ready to pounce and act and revolt. They’re the alternative voices and the alternative media whose numbers are colossal and whose ages are varied. They are ready, willing and able to take drastic measures using drastic means: The revolutionary power of rational, critical and educated thought.

LIONEL PODCAST: What You Need To Know About Ebola To Be Smarter Than 99% of the Population

Two NYPD officers inadvertently become universal and viral (pun intended) laughing stocks. After leaving the Harlem apartment building of Dr. Craig Spencer – the first confirmed Ebola case in the New York City – they were observed (shockingly) dumping their protective gear and crime scene tape in a public garbage receptacle on the street. It might be really no big deal. Let’s hope. But what kind of training did they receive at least as to public relations and perception?

Understand how epidemics work. There are two factors required: (1) the contagion itself; and (2) the right infrastructure and medium to allow it to foster and grow and flourish. That latter component usually consists of horrid living conditions, poor sanitation and water systems, inadequate nutrition and the like. We are simply ill-equipped and unequipped to handle a first class pandemic. 

The esteemed historian, Dr. Webster Tarpley, in his letter to Congressman Chris Van Hollen in 2010 wrote in part the following that I commend to you. Note in particular the reference to the Hill-Burton Act of 1946.

We need to build 1,000 modern, state of the art hospitals with 500 beds each just to reach the minimum of targets set by the Hill-Burton Act of 1946. We need to train 250,000 doctors over the next ten years. These goals require serious investments, not subsidies to predatory insurance companies who are going broke because of their reckless derivatives bets.

This should be simple, right? After all, we’re the greatest country on the face of the Earth. Right? And it’s that very warped and hallucinogenic exceptionalism that will destroy us. We’re not the best, not the biggest, not the only. We rank only above Great Britain and Ireland in matching Hill-Burton Act standards. The Czech Republic surpasses us, got Chrissakes. We’ve been enslaved to our masters, the globalist financier elite. Asset-stripping jackals who strip and shatter and devolve and devour.

When you see dead Ebola victims strewn about African villages, don’t don your usual air of the dismissive affect. This is the incubation ground zero of global pandemics. Tell the WHO and IMF and central bank oligarchs that they’re about to be nationalized of internationalized. Let’s show them a thing or two about asset stripping. After all, we’ve learned from the best.

LIONEL PODCAST: PA’s Corbett Pathetically Panders and Guts the First Amendment

The Revictimization Relief Act. Mind-bogglingly unconstitutional. These protestors know. The country, and Pennsylvania apparently, sleeps. I thought I saw everything. But nothing compares to this, as Sinead might intone. Herein are my protestations and objections as well as a disquisition on cognitive dissonance and the pursuit of relative truth. Remember: Truth is relative. So is incest. (Ahem.)

LIONEL PODCAST: In Praise of Reverie, Imagination, Awe & Wonder

Remember when you were a kid? It was the last time you truly wondered aloud. You imagined and played and daydreamt. You pretended and played make believe. You can do that today as an adult. To a point. It’s called religion. But I digress. I ever stopped daydreaming. About everything and anything. And while I can’t fathom imagining about created doxies and superstition and mythology, nothing is more truly awe inspiring that EBEs and ETs and space and time and particle physics and the entire lot of dark energy. Visitable by free energy. Am I making sense? (I didn’t think so.)

LIONEL PODCAST: Ebola Is Globalist Gold

Limpid. Pellucid. Got it. Notwithstanding the crudeness of the message, it’s perfect in explicating the sense of abandon that I feel. A loss of contact and reality. Not with my reality. But yours. Because if you’re like virtuously everyone I come into contact with, you’re happily ensconced in a parallel universe where everything’s happy and nice. I’m awash in the benighted. Defined as “in a state of pitiful or contemptible intellectual or moral ignorance.” Incapable of understanding just how horrid the human condition can be.

CNN may finally have gotten it right. Recently when the presenter infra from CNN spoke anent Ebola, the following lower third appeared which caused quite the stir among the mynah birds in the unimaginative media. I must share a confusion as to what this message actually connoted, but it nonetheless highlighted the naïveté that the doddering dolts suffer from in a world of avowed eugenicists and Malthusian madmen. Now, I’m not saying Ashley knows any of this and ditto for the MSM-bots who chimed in like bleating sheep, but the notion of bioterror used as a vehicle for depopulation is nothing new.

His Royal Virus. In my circle we’re most aware of this feller, Prince Phil. Actually a Greek, but after all, with the multi-generational inbreeding what do you expect, Phil is forever famous for this beaut of a quote. And he wasn’t kidding.


So, who’s the conspiracy theorist now? Now, I know this is too much for most to grasp. It’s heady and nasty stuff, granted. But be on the lookout for a host of issues to arise anent Ebola — bioterror, the weaponization of the virus, the utilization of pathogens for depopulation and the like. And where would we ever get ideas like that? History. Google “depopulation.” I’ll wait.

LIONEL PODCAST: Why Mainstream Media News Can’t Recognize Their Own Extinction

Let’s start with the abecedarian: The current crop of mainstream network media news robots are simply idiots. Is that limpid enough? I should stop right there as the clarity of message won’t improve. But I shan’t. It’s critical that you grasp this. And understand that this is not a toothless indictment. I’m dead serious. James S. Ettema and Theodore L. Glasser called investigative journalism “custodians of conscience.” they likened it to social and moral inquiry and public virtue. I remind you of such because there was a time before selfies and narcissistic self-adoration. If there’s any hope it’s for local news because the subject matter is so directed: fires, arrests, crime, weather, sports. Though I’ve never quite understood the concept of traffic reportage on television. Think about it. (But not for long.)

I don’t care about the news, I care about being a star. Newsrooms and outfits are jammed with media star wannabes. Distracted and disjointed alleged and putative news gatherers, biased and partisan apparatchiks skewing and narrowcasting – not journalists or reporters but would-be stars and viral hitster hipsters. The next entrant in the hottest reporter contest, the red carpet traipser. Just look at Brian Williams’s own foray into celebrity adoration. I’ve no proof, but I suspect that if the truth be known, Ol’ BW would rather sit on Fallon’s couch than behind the desk waxing stentorian as he reads the prompter.

It’s not a matter of youth per se but chronic inexperience and no perspective. Sure, there are newser tyros who’ve no perspective but it’s not about youth and inexperience. Not to mention no history, no knowledge, no idea of the cyclical phenomenon of news and world affairs. They’re organically incurious and without the ability to be suspect, proudly so at that. They’ve become the conduit for administrations, de facto press agents. Repeaters and not reporters. Presstitutes, as the great Gerald Celente offers, their hearts and limited minds available to the highest bidder. Slow on the draw, quick to the conclusion. Obama acolytes and fawning sycophants, many are. Boot lickers and toadies. Obsequious lickspittles. Still walking zombified with “Hope and Change” reverberating in their memory sticks. Part and parcel of the insane left-right paradigm, followers of the notion that there are significant differences between parties. Still arguing at the internecine, interstitial level.

Retreads, resurrected, recycled museum pieces just entered the building. And the executive and management level of network news appears to be no better. Let’s really focus the gravamen of this indictment accordingly. Concerned and focused on the bottom line. P/L versus MOS. Especially in a shrinking media world. Shuttered newsrooms, budgets slashed, resources crippled. Make it fast and cheap. Dangle the keys in front of the screaming infant. Many of these pathetic news stewards retreads are recycled and regurgitated escapees of media from eons of yore. Those who cut their teeth at a time when media news reportage was considered rarefied and noble, victims of their own deluded unwarranted entitlement and chichi pretentiousness. These are dinosaurs more often than not who actually still believe that the days of cautious, crafted and paralyzing boring news presentation will fly today. And it’s not just TV news but the antediluvian world of terrestrial left-right talk radio — but that’s for another day.

The new breed of witless. And if the antediluvian codger’s not bad enough, enter the “rising star,” the prototypical know-nothing who made her bones in another medium that someone figured would perfectly merge into news. Or the ex-intern who made friends and was first on the list for hires do to a sparkling personality or per stirpes consanguinity with a higher-up. The yoga mat totin’ pseudo-intellect and autodidact (at best) who breaks the record for pretentiousness and throws an errant Ayn Rand quote about and conspicuously carries the latest Economist under her arm. Bogus, ersatz and fictive. And what do these two prototypes have in common? Plenty. They’re clueless.

New and alternative media: operational Darwinism and natural selection with a building pass. And whilst the aforementioned supra run in circles, alternative media and new platforms and delivery systems are blowing them out of the water. Citizen journalism at levels of sophistication that are increasingly mind-boggling. And I’m not talking production level – though they’re beyond the amateurish of yore – I’m talking the level of deep-levels of critical analysis and a conversance with and of the facts that are nonpareil. Irrespective of the subject matter, deep research and data mining rival anything that the more traditional (translation: hoary and cobwebbed) media sources employ. No, my friend, the world for the media moribund is collapsing onto itself like a black hole. And instead of light not being able to escape, truth and viewership can’t escape. Mark my words, within two years – two years! – you will not even recognize what used to be called the heralded and bejeweled halcyon days of media Gloria. So long, Murrow; sayonara, Cronkite. The world has just changed but you were too busy waxing funereal over Jeter’s retirement or the latest antics of the NFL cobbling together a nonexistent domestic violence policy. Consider yourself warned. There are hosts of demos and factions, from millennials to the senescent, in every race, sexual identity or stratum. There are millions who want to know about conspiracy facts not theories, about the dark side of governments, rogue elements, the crippling dynamics of central bank chicanery and deception. They want to know about the fictional and tissue thin veneer of the imaginary wars on terror and the like. They see through the absolute egesta of ISIS and ISIL and can in a flash name all the permutations of the new costumed bogeymen. You are experiencing a new dimension of thought and analysis and I am absolutely honored beyond woods to join the revolution. Hie!

Thought for the day. American exceptionalism has transmogrified into American delusion. Delusion fueled by an active and virulent nescience as to the framers’ intent for our republic. Here, St. Gore of Vidal offered this gem of gems.

We should stop going around babbling about how we’re the greatest democracy on earth, when we’re not even a democracy. We are a sort of militarized republic. The founding fathers hated two things, one was monarchy and the other was democracy, they gave us a constitution that saw to it we will have neither. I don’t know how wise they were.

“Gore Vidal and the Mind of the Terrorist”, interview by Ramona Koval, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio National (November 2001)

LIONEL PODCAST: The United States of Trained Media Monkeys

Ten hut! Salute. Bow before your Lord, your government. Especially you, MSM. Cozy up and shut up. You’re on thin ice, Boogaloo. Your medium is glaringly irrelevant. Snap to it! Follow the leader. Pavlovian obeisance. Play your cards right and follow GE’s lead. As the New York Times reported 2010 was a good year for the military death contractor.

The company reported worldwide profits of $14.2 billion, and said $5.1 billion of the total came from its operations in the United States.

Its American tax bill? None. In fact, G.E. claimed a tax benefit of $3.2 billion.

Repeat, don’t report. You’ve shareholders to worry about. Media consolidation. An intellectually unavailable audience.

So lean forward (whatever the hell that means), stay fair and balanced and continue with the illusion of information delivery. Just remember, Icarus: Watch where you fly. Don’t play with matches. And never investigate POTUS. Dig? No mention of Fast & Furious, NDAA, nada. Lay off Mr. Big if you know what’s good for you. Play with the veneer of investigation and probe. But watch it, Lou Grant. Because they’re watching you.

You can complain all you want. And even that would be an improvement.

One more thing. As Isaac Asimov said, “The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ (I found it!) but ‘That’s funny … .’”

LIONEL PODCAST: Lionel on Alex Jones’s Infowars Nightly News

I appeared on Alex Jones’s Infowars Nightly News yesterday and discussed a host of issues with Alex.

I love this screen capture. It looks either like a hostage video or something eerily Big Brotheresque. In any event it’s always a pleasure and more importantly, fun. There’s something so refreshing about uninterrupted, heavy-calibered talk. ‘Twas indeed a pleasure.

I have previously described Lord Jones thusly:

Alex is simply without peer when it comes to his platform and delivery system. He’s mastered ever medium of data and information delivery imaginable, viz. radio, audio podcasts, TV, documentary, print, carrier pigeon, cuneiform, smoke signals . . . but I digress.

The man’s a citation machine. And as I’ve often admonished citizen historians and observers, demand citation, reference and authority. Insist upon the source of a claim being made. Jones spews citations relentlessly, without surcease. And his powers of steel trap recall are frightening. And I don’t mean vague recollections; I’m talking statutory particularities and arcana that would impress the most encyclopedic of eidetic memory mavens. He’s a whirlwind. A dynamo. A machine. The passion he possesses is unheard of in conventional broadcast spheres. His teeth-gnashing grit and excitement, his perfervid adherence to his mother Constitution inspire me. He’s a whirlwind, a machine and a cosmic force not to be trifled with. Dismiss him at your own peril.

LIONEL PODCAST: Thinking Like Dancing — The Devolution of American Mentation and Cerebration

Mentation. Cerebration. Thinking. Critical thinking. The ability to discuss and analyze issues is something we as a people are without the rudimentary ability to enjoy.

Imagine what Bohr and Al supra were discussing. I can only imagine. Neils would be yakking about quantum mechanics and the fascinatingly crazy and hardly predictable world of the subatomic while Al shook his head wondering what the hell this kid was smoking. And if he had an more.

This afternoon I taped a piece with Alex Jones that was/is scheduled to appear at 8 PM EST today on his network. Alex is simply without peer when it comes to his platform and delivery system. He’s mastered ever medium of data and information delivery imaginable, viz. radio, audio podcasts, TV, documentary, print, carrier pigeon, cuneiform, smoke signals . . . but I digress.

The man’s a citation machine. And as I’ve often admonished citizen historians and observers, demand citation, reference and authority. Insist upon the source of a claim being made. Jones spews citations relentlessly, without surcease. And his powers of steel trap recall are frightening. And I don’t mean vague recollections; I’m talking statutory particularities and arcana that would impress the most encyclopedic of eidetic memory mavens. He’s a whirlwind. A dynamo. A machine. The passion he possesses is unheard of in conventional broadcast spheres. His teeth-gnashing grit and excitement, his perfervid adherence to his mother Constitution inspire me. He’s a whirlwind, a machine and a cosmic force not to be trifled with. Dismiss him at your own peril.

In this podcast I examine the glory of gymnastic thought, the sheer fun and excitement of imagination and daydreaming. Revolutionary reverie. Remember when you were a kid and you’d play with toys or maybe dolls and imagine . . . when did you stop? Why did you stop?

And below, a video tidbit for your perusal and review.