Daily Archives: September 8, 2010

LIONEL AUDIO: The Day My Board Op Dropped The F-Bomb On Live Radio (And I’ve Got A Copy Of It – NSFW)

One day (ca. 1990) while I was manning the afternoon drive spot on 970 WFLA in my native Tampa, my board op didn’t know that his mic was hot (as in open) and after some technological snafu, he proceeded to drop a few F-bombs on live radio to the shock of the late news veteran Don Richards and the disgust of the entire Tampa Bay area who bore witness to the funniest moment in live radio ever. I happen to have a copy of that moment and play it in its entirety for you, my loyal paid subscriber. I’ve edited it not in the least. Here it is in all its rawness.

Anyone who had the privilege of listening during those halcyon days of talk radio will never forget the stable of absolute monster talent in my home town. Tampa Bay radio was premiere. Herein, I pay homage to those wonderful days and the incredible talk radio personalities how were inimitable, nonpareil and sui generis.

They were simply the best.